Bible-Based Teaching

We strive to integrate the gospel of Christ’s saving grace into our daily lessons and interactions, in order to teach young ones about God’s great love.

Phonics, Reading and Writing

Students will experience a well-rounded approach to literacy through the exploration of letters, sounds, sight words, and word patterns, as well as through the immersion in quality literature and print. Children are encouraged to apply the concepts learned through drawing, labeling, and writing on a daily basis.


Little Lights’ activities teach number recognition, counting, grouping, shape identification, sequencing and patterns through the use of manipulatives and game playing. Basic addition and subtraction facts, money and clocks are also introduced.

Science/Social Studies

Students will explore their world through fun, practical lessons and experiments which give them opportunities to ask questions, make predictions, draw conclusions, and solve problems.

Gym and Structured Play

Games and physical activity is an important part of the school day to help students improve their motor skills and group play.